Vol. 2 (2020): Scaffold: A Showcase of Vanderbilt First-Year Writing

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Scaffold: A Showcase of Vanderbilt First-Year Writing | Vol. 2 | Spring 2020

Scaffold is a digital collection of first-year writing curated by the Vanderbilt Writing Studio. As an extension of the annual Undergraduate Writing Symposium, this collection honors and celebrates undergraduates' accomplishments as writers, scholars, and artists specifically in their formative first year of college. To that end, Scaffold highlights the developing writing processes and learning experiences so central to the growth of undergraduate writers by pairing each piece in the collection with a recorded reflection from its author.

After a long delay due to COVID-19, Scaffold’s second volume is finally available, and in its pairing of exemplary first-year writing with reflections by each author, we hope Volume 2 continues to provide students and faculty alike inspiration and a resource to scaffold future learning through writing and about writing.

We gratefully acknowledge the faculty, library staff, and MFA candidates who served as reviewers for Scaffold, Vol. 2, whose generosity with their time and expertise made this volume possible. To view our full list of reviewers and to learn more about our review process, visit our About the Journal page.

Published: 2020-11-03