What Pete Buttigieg—and all White Americans—Need to Understand About Racism


  • Rachel Ann Hanebutt Vanderbilt University




Inequality, Racism, Social Justice, Education


It is essential that educators, particularly white educators, work to understand racial inequality within a prophetic framework, refuse to perpetuate inaccurate and racist images of black and brown youth, and actively deconstruct structural inequalities within the education system. Structural racism, especially that which has been institutionalized within and in perceptions about the education system, is an important issue for the field of education that was recently the central issue of the eye-catching hashtag, #PeteButtigiegisaLyingMF. This Voices opinion piece examines Michael Harriot’s initiation of a conversation about understandings of structural racism with 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, contextualizes this online moment through a theoretical perspective, and provides a call to action for white educators.




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Hanebutt, R. A. (2020). What Pete Buttigieg—and all White Americans—Need to Understand About Racism. Iris Journal of Scholarship, 2, 174-177. https://doi.org/10.15695/iris.v2i0.4832