Volume II Publication


Dear Readers,


            The Iris LEAD team is excited to share that Volume II of the Iris Journal of Scholarship has been published at last. This volume is the fruit of the vision, collaboration, and passion of many diverse students, faculty, and staff at Peabody College. Its pages contain the though products of graduate and professional students in the many programs housed within the fields of education and human development. These articles represent the ideas of individuals who are passionate about making positive change in their communities. We believe that the various forms of scholarship within these pages are immensely valuable and worth celebrating and sharing. In fact, this belief is what inspired the revival of the Iris Journal in 2018.

            We are forever grateful to the students, faculty, and staff for their contributions to the Journal this year. The Peabody Office of Professional and Graduate Education (POPGE), the Peabody Library, and our adviser, Dr. Brenda McKenzie, are just a few faculty and staff that offered mentorship along this journey: thank you. We are grateful as well to the authors who trusted us to share their work with the Vanderbilt and Peabody communities. Also integral to the success of this year’s volume was our Editorial Committee, comprised of three master’s students that read, edited, and made revision suggestions to our authors. While the Iris Journal acts as a voice of our Peabody community, it is true that the community is the lifeblood that keeps our publication in existence. Whether you submitted an article for review, edited pieces, help the LEAD team balance our budget, or even just sported one of our free buttons to get the word out, we are grateful for you!

            The mission of this journal is to collect, review, and disseminate the scholarly work of Peabody College’s graduate and professional students. Our hope, however, is that the Journal will be much more. We hope that this journal will foster academic exploration, allowing students to cultivate thoughtful works that advance education and human development, with the help of their peers. We hope the Iris Journal will come to reflect the distinctive nature and identity of Peabody College. And, we hope that this journal will expand, shift, and change to become something not previously imagined, forever mirroring the dynamic nature of our College.

            In this issue, there are articles spanning topics from the professional workspace to an original study on Latinx womxn’s identity development to a moving poems and opinion pieces. This volume is, yet again, a glimpse into the breadth of work that takes place at Peabody College. We sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s volume of the Iris Journal of Scholarship. If it can provide even a small amount of respite from the this all-consuming pandemic, we have done our jobs. 


Best Wishes,



Lauren McGuire


Iris Journal Of Scholarship