Poverty in Rural America


  • Jazmine Reagan


Poverty may be defined in simple terms as a state of being extremely poor. A real-world application of poverty translates to unmet physical needs for millions of people, including this author. Deprivation of unmet needs means weighing the importance of and choosing between equally necessary critical needs, such as food or medicine, electric bills, or school shoes. Poverty is not an unusual or atypical phenomenon. In this author’s Kentucky small town, McCreary County, support is virtually non-existent. It is a region in which poverty is pervasive, and finding a path to success is challenging. One might easily overlook the starkly contrasting experiences of impoverished lifestyles for rural sufferers such as food insecurity, medical assistance, and mental health.

For additional context, listen to the author's reflection on the piece below.

Author's Reflection



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