An Analysis of Samra Habib’s We Have Always Been Here


  • Brina Ratangee


Samra Habib is a queer Pakistani Canadian writer, photographer, and activist recognized by Lambda Literary in 2019 for her memoir We Have Always Been Here. In the memoir, Habib discusses her experiences as a queer person of color, religious minority, and immigrant. I contextualized her lived experiences within the various health frameworks I was introduced to in Professor Kirsty Clark’s “LGBTQ Health Disparities” course—life course perspective, minority stress theory, intersectionality, and the social-ecological model—to examine how Habib’s intersecting identities shaped the challenges she faced and her transformation into a leading LGBTQ+ activist and role model.

For additional context, listen to the author's reflection on the piece below.

Author Biography

Brina Ratangee

Brina Ratangee is a member of the Class of 2025 from Frederick, MD. She plans to pursue the pre-medical track with majors in Medicine, Health, and Society and Neuroscience and a minor in History. When not in class, Brina can be found writing news stories for The Hustler, working on initiatives for VSG’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, playing in the Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra, or solving crosswords and trivia.

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