Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Confronting the Challenges of Arden


  • Emily Wiley


An analysis on the forest of Arden in Shakespeare'sAs You Like It, this essay contrasts the superficial and in-depth views of nature. This piece dives into the imagery, characters, and moral conflicts of Duke Senior and Jaques, ultimately investigating the question of how humans confront challenges.

For additional context, listen to the author's reflection on the piece below.

Author Biography

Emily Wiley

Emily Wiley is a member of the class of 2025 from Darien, Connecticut. She is currently undecided yet considering pursuing a major in English and minors in Business and Data Science. In her free time, Emily enjoys working out on the Vanderbilt Club Tennis Team and with Studio V fitness for women. She is passionate about journaling and spending time with friends and family.

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