The Lark’s Song

A Beckoning to Freedom


  • Zacarias Negron


A fox, a fig, and a flashlight. What they have to do with one another—no one could tell upon first hearing. A young fox desperate to break free from the doldrum of life as he knows it, endeavors on a life changing journey. A lark’s song illuminates his path, an auspicious messenger. A miraculous flashlight aids him from heavenward. A fig lay set aside as his preeminent destination.

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Author Biography

Zacarias Negron

Zacarias Negron is a Chancellor’s Scholar at Vanderbilt University, where he is majoring in Political Science (International Track) and Law, History, & Society. He is minoring in Russian Studies and Islamic Studies with a particular focus on the Caucasus and Central Asian regions. He is a member of the Vanderbilt University Debate Team, competing in collegiate and British Parliamentary and Case Competition debates, both foreign and domestic.

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