Millions on the Move

Understanding Climate Migration


  • Julia Tilton


In “Millions on the Move”, author Julia Tilton examines the impact climate change has on people. The paper, written for a first-year writing seminar in environmental science, focuses on rising sea levels and increasing temperatures in desert areas, exploring how these phenomena prompt the inhabitants of such regions to migrate. As research suggests, migration as a result of climate change will only increase in the coming decades if action is not taken to mitigate the consequences of a warming global climate.

For additional context, listen to the author's reflection on the piece below.

Author Biography

Julia Tilton

Julia Tilton is a member of the Class of 2024 and Ingram Scholar studying Earth and Environmental Science and Communication of Science and Technology. Raised as a skier in southern New Hampshire, where small ski mountains are increasingly suffering at the hands of global warming, Julia has long been interested in the impact climate change has on people. She is excited about the opportunities at Vanderbilt to learn more about climate change-induced migration and environmental justice. A passionate writer, Julia is on the writing staff for the Vanderbilt Hustler as well as the Vanderbilt Political Review, where she focuses her coverage on climate justice-related issues. Julia also serves as the undergraduate Vice President of Dores Divest, the organization advocating for Vanderbilt to divest from fossil fuels. After graduation, Julia wants to pursue a career in science journalism, where she can communicate essential information to the public concerning climate change and the communities it impacts. 

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