Aim & Scope:

The Journal of STEM Outreach was created to offer a journal for researchers who develop and implement programs that connect formal and informal educators with practicing STEM professionals. The JSO offers a mechanism to disseminate descriptions of programs that might be of value to other researchers; research studies that support the replication of education or partnership models; and case studies that exemplify a specific replicable aspect of a program. The primary goal is to provide a journal that will function as a hybrid or bridge between the STEM and education worlds.

Criteria for Publication:

      • The study presents results of primary research that have not been published or submitted elsewhere
      • Methodology including procedures, statistics, and other analyses are described in sufficient detail
      • Conclusions are clearly stated and are supported by the data and results presented.
      • The article is clearly written and adheres to APA guidelines
      • The studies meet standards for ethics and integrity in research and program design

Rigorous Peer Review:

The primary basis for favorable review of a manuscript that has been submitted to the JSO is that it will likely have a substantial impact in and contribution to the field of STEM outreach. JSO editors and reviewers will rigorously peer-review your submissions and publish all papers that are judged to be technically sound. Each submission to JSO goes through a rigorous peer-review evaluation by a minimum of two reviewers before a decision of acceptance or rejection is made. The editors and associate editors will make any determinations of adherence to JSO guidelines and policies such as approval for studies using human participants or animals and inclusion of financial disclosures prior to sending the manuscript out for review. The manuscript will then be assigned to one of the Associate Editors who will send it out for review. The ultimate decision to accept, invite revision of, or reject the article will be made by the co-Editors.