Vanderbilt Biodiesel Initiative


alternative energy

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Runge, W. O., & Cousins, A. (2007). Vanderbilt Biodiesel Initiative. Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal, 3.


The Biodiesel Initiative is a plan to create a self-sufficient, sustainable, student run biodiesel production system at Vanderbilt University. The biodiesel processing system will be used to convert waste vegetable oil from Vanderbilt Dining services into environmentally responsible biodiesel fuel that can be used in any diesel engine. On campus, applications might include student activity vans, buses, or landscaping machinery. The ultimate goal of the project will be to curb the consumption of petroleum-based fuel by the Vanderbilt and Nashville community, and to educate others about the viability of biodiesel as an effective alternative fuel. The group also hopes to serve as a model for other campuses, by documenting and publishing the ongoing work at