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Robert F. Barsky
Vera M. Kutzinski

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Barsky, R. F., & Kutzinski, V. M. (2004). Introduction. AmeriQuests, 1(1).
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Robert F. Barsky, Vanderbilt University

Robert Barsky is the author or editor of numerous books on narrative and refugee law (Constructing a Productive Other: Discourse Theory and the Convention Refugee Hearing and Arguing and Justifying: Assessing the Convention Refugees' Choice of Moment, Motive and Host Country), on radical theory and practice (Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent and an edition of Anton Pannekoek's Workers Councils) on discourse and literary theory (Introduction à la théorie littéraire, an edited volume with Michael Holquist entitled Bakhtin and Otherness, an edited collection with Eric Méchoulan entitled The Production of French Criticism, and, most recently, an edited collection entitled Marc Angenot and the Scandal of History) and on translation -- in both theory and practice (including the translation of Michel Meyer's Philosophy and the Passions). He has been involved with a range of journals, including SubStance, for which he served as an editor, and he is the founder of 415 South Street, a literary magazine, and Discours social/Social Discourse. He is Professor of Comparative Literature, French and Italian, Vanderbilt University.

Vera M. Kutzinski, Vanderbilt University

Vera M. Kutzinski has written extensively on American, African-American, Afro-Hispanic, and Caribbean literatures and on translation. Her publications include Against the American Grain (1987), Nicolás Guillén's The Daily Daily (1989), Sugar's Secrets: The Erotics of Cuban Nationalism (1993), along with contributions to The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature, the ACLS History of Literature in the Caribbean, and to numerous journals. She has served on the editorial boards of Callaloo, American Literary History, and the New World Studies series at the University Press of Virginia. Her current projects are a book on Langston Hughes in the America and The Wilson Harris Reader. She is the Martha Rivers Ingram Professor of English and Comparative Literature and the Director of the Center for the Americas at Vanderbilt.