War Inc.

by Seymour Melman

Edited by Ben Abrams and Patrick Deer




Ben Abrams (CC’99) has contributed to every phase of the research and text preparation of this book. The substantial assembly of endnotes that accompanies the text will surely facilitate further work on the topics treated here by journalists, students and others. Ernest Fitzgerald and Dina Rasor have drawn on their long, professional experience in military economy to make possible solid portrayal of key aspects of life in the world of the Pentagon. I owe warm thanks to Dr. Greg Bischak for his important assessment of the prospective employment and income effects from a major effort to upgrade American infrastructure. His report, (Appendix A) will also serve as a model for similar studies and as a major spur to carry on the repair and upgrading of U.S. infrastructure. Professor John. E. Ullmann applied the results of his long monitoring of railroad technology and economy to supplying crucial data on the role of railroads in U.S. infrastructure.

Tom Boucher’s research notes on the machine tool industry of China helped to illuminate the treatment of the very important China factor in the future of American industry. I extend special thanks to the managers of Haas Automation , Inc. and Mazak (USA) Inc.. for giving generous access to the data of their firms that made possible the portrayal of aspects of their operations. Dr. Jonathan Feldman has drawn upon his long experience including many original research papers in the field of conversion from military to civilian economy and has recommended important parts of the bibliography on economic conversion that appears in this book. Dr. Jon Rynn has contributed his valuable economic analyses to the text.

Marc Karasu encouraged attention to modes of statement designed to make the specialized analyses of this book accessible to the general reader, and I am grateful for similar contributions from Josh Hersh (CC’04). Professor Murray Eden generously applied his considerable editorial talents to rendering the text to be far more readable, and hence more accessible to the general reader. The formatting of this book has benefited from the generous comments from Junie Lee and Sandy Kaufman at Columbia’s Office of University Publications. Bob Gill has contributed his considerable talents to this project by designing the cover artwork.

Jim Haughton generously took time out from his responsibilities at Harlem Fight-Back to encourage the preparation and publication of War, Inc. Professor Marcus Raskin, a longtime colleague in the War / Peace Arena, has, by example, offered a sustaining model for politically meaningful inquiry.


My warm thanks to you all!


Seymour Melman