Facial Perceptions: Age's Influence on People's Perceptions of Facial Modifications

Nascine Howell, Lindsey Erin Overhalser, Abigail Eliza Randall, Rachael Dillon


A 2x7 between-subject experiment examined the affect of age on people’s perceptions of facial modifications. Researchers instructed participants aged 18-60 to complete two online surveys. One survey contained 10 modified faces (facial piercings and neck tattoos) and the second survey contained 10 non-modified faces. Participants were instructed to look at each face and rate the face using a 5 point Likert scale on five traits: Trustworthiness, Attractiveness, Confidence, Intelligence and Friendliness. Modified faces were rated higher and perceived more positively than the non-modified faces by participants in all age groups. There was an effect of modification on age groups one (18-23 years old), two (24-29 years), five (30-35 years) and six (36-41 years) for the traits Attractiveness and Confidence. These findings suggest people’s perception of strangers’ is influenced by their own age at the time of the encounter and the age of the faces.


Facial Modifications; tattoos; perceptions; facial perceptions; age; body piercings

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15695/vurj.v6i0.2889

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