American Genesis as Doctrine

  • Gordon Brotherston Stanford University



Author Biography

Gordon Brotherston, Stanford University
Professor of Spanish at Stanford University. Earned his BA at the University of Leeds in 1961 and his PhD at the University of Cambridge, St. Catharine's College in 1965. He has published extensively on Native and later American literature, the Mexican codices and the intellectual interface between the Old and New Worlds, poetry and narrative in Latin America, and literary translation. His books include Footprints through Time: Mexican Pictorial Manuscripts (Lilly Library, 1997), Painted Books from Mexico. Codices in the United Kingdom collections and the World they Represent (British Museum Press and University of Washington Press, 1995), Book of the Fourth World: Reading the native Americas through their Literature (Cambridge University Press, 1992), Image of the New World. The American Continent portrayed in Native Texts (Thames and Hudson, 1979), The Emergence of the Latin American Novel (Cambridge University Press, 1977), Latin American Poetry: Origins and Presence (Cambridge University Press, 1975), and Manuel Machado. A Revaluation (Cambridge University Press, 1968)
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