Mizzou Missteps

Pivotal Moments of Fall 2015

  • Lauren Elizabeth McGuire Peabody College of Education


By denying that issues of bias and mistreatment exist and then confronting such issues with disdain, some White Americans enable injustice and abet systems of oppression. Black students at the University of Missouri in fall 2015 had seen this narrative ring true several times. The resulting events, including protests, a hunger strike, and several administrator resignations, cast light on the experience of black students at Mizzou through nationwide media coverage.

This case study examines three opportunities turned missteps of administrators that exacerbated an already charged, contentious environment: the president’s refusal to acknowledge protestors at a homecoming parade, a too-little-too-late meeting with stakeholders, and the impacts of the football team’s involvement. In a country whose everyday population growth is 90 percent non-white, a greater awareness of the racial inclusion work needed on college campuses today is necessary. I hope my narrative heightens this awareness.

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