The Iris Journal of Scholarship is collaborative at its heart. Its founding members decided to reflect this value in the leadership structure and thus formed the LEAD Team. LEAD stands for the four major areas of operation for the Iris Journal as a graduate student organization: logistics, editorial, administrative, and design/marketing. 

Logistics: Colby Woods, Master of Public Policy 2019. Colby served as the head of Logistics for the Iris Journal of Scholarship. Colby earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and German at the University of Mississippi in 2014 and participated in the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany before coming to Vanderbilt. While at Peabody College, Colby worked as the graduate assistant for the Office of Student Engagement at Peabody, a research assistant for Dr. Jason Grissom, and a graduate assistant for MPP Program Director Dr. Ryan Balch.

Editorial: Francisco Santelli, Master of Public Policy 2019. Francisco served as the Editorial Director for this issue of the Iris Journal of Scholarship. Francisco earned his Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Florida and taught English and debate at Gainesville High School for five years. While at Peabody College, Francisco served as the Associate Editor for the Peabody Journal of Education and a graduate fellow at SCORE. He will begin working towards a PhD in Leadership and Policy Studies at Peabody in 2019.

 Administration: Kelly Rebecca Johnson, Master of Public Policy 2019. Kelly served as the Administrative head of the Iris Journal of Scholarship during its inaugural year. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies in 2015 and a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2016 at James Madison University and worked as a first-grade teacher in Richmond, Virginia before coming to Vanderbilt University. While at Peabody College, Kelly worked as a research assistant for the Fuchs Research Group and as the Special Populations Coordinator for the Tennessee State Board of Education.

Design & Marketing: Catherine Cypert, Master of Public Policy 2019. Catherine served as the Design and Marketing Team lead for the Iris Journal of Scholarship. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Michigan, where she became involved with literacy and education organizations throughout southeastern Michigan. While at Vanderbilt, she continued her interest in literacy initiatives and worked with the Vanderbilt English Language Center, the Nashville Public Library, and the Tennessee Department of Education.