DOI: 10.15695/hmltc.v38i2

Table of Contents


The Promise of Promise: Retrospect and Prospect of a Homiletical Theology PDF
David Schnasa Jacobsen
Dying to Be Creative: Playing In/With the Homiletical Hiatus PDF
Jacob D. Myers
A Survey of the Phenomenological Research of Listening to Preaching PDF
David Rietveld

Biblical Studies Book Reviews (Editor: J. Dwayne Howell)

Frank J. Matera, The Sermon on the Mount: The Perfect Measure of the Christian Life PDF
Patrick Clayborn
Brent A. Strawn, The Bible and the Pursuit of Happiness: What the Old and New Testaments Teach Us about the Good Live PDF
Debra J. Mumford
Michael Walzer, In God’s Shadow: Politics in the Hebrew Bible PDF
Kenyatta R. Gilbert

Media/Contemporary Culture Book Reviews (Editor: Karyn Wiseman)

Michael J. Bauer, Arts Ministry: Nurturing the Creative Life of God’s People PDF
Karyn L. Wiseman
Robert K. Johnston, Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue, 2nd ed. PDF
Shauna K. Hannan
Clive Marsh and Vaughan S. Roberts, Personal Jesus: How Popular Music Shapes Our Souls PDF
Lance B. Pape

Practical Theology Book Reviews (Editor: Eunjoo Mary Kim)

Hans Austnaberg, Improving Preaching by Listening to Listeners: Sunday Service Preaching in the Malagasy Lutheran Church PDF
Lisa Lamb
Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Christian Theology in Practice: Discovering a Discipline PDF
Jacob D. Myers

Preaching Book Reviews (Editor: Dave Bland)

Richard H. Cox, Rewiring Your Preaching: How the Brain Processes Sermons PDF
Mark David Finney
Walter R. Dickhaut, Building a Community of Interpreters: Readers and Hearers as Interpreters PDF
Steven Tramel Gaines
John C. Holbert, Telling the Whole Story: Reading and Preaching the Old Testament Stories PDF
Dave Bland
Duncan MacPherson, The Splendour of the Preachers: New Approaches to Liturgical Preaching PDF
Kenyatta R. Gilbert

Theology Book Reviews (Editor: David Schnasa Jacobsen)

Kate Bowler, Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel PDF
Sunggu Yang
Angela Dienhart Hancock, Karl Barth's Emergency Homiletic, 1932–1933: A Summons to Prophetic Witness at the Dawn of the Third Reich PDF
Seungyoun Rebecca Jeong
Linda G. Jones, The Power of Oratory in the Medieval Muslim World PDF
Alexander Deeg
Angela M. Yarber, The Gendered Pulpit: Sex, Body, and Desire in Preaching and Worship PDF
Jacob D. Myers

Worship Book Reviews (Editor: Gerald C. Liu)

Phil Snider, Preaching After God: Derrida, Caputo, and the Language of Postmodern Homiletics PDF
Ernest Rubinstein
Richard Viladesau, Theology and the Arts: Encountering God Through Music, Art, and Rhetoric PDF
Patrick B. Gordy-Stith
Louis Weil, Liturgical Sense: The Logic of Rite PDF
Taylor W. Burton-Edwards

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