Scaffold: A Showcase of Vanderbilt First-Year Writing | Vol. 1 | Spring 2019

Welcome to Scaffold, a digital collection of first-year writing curated by the Vanderbilt Writing Studio. Conceived as an extension of the annual Undergraduate Writing SymposiumScaffold creates a space to honor and celebrate undergraduates' accomplishments as writers, scholars, and artists in their formative first year of college. Visit our collection's About page to learn more about the review process that brought this collection together.  

By pairing each piece in the collection with a recorded reflection from the author, Scaffold also aims to highlight the developing writing processes and learning experiences so central to the growth of undergraduate writers. We hope it acts as a source of inspiration and of scaffolded learning support for students and instructors alike going forward.

Like the construction metaphor embedded in its name, Scaffold is also still a work in progress as we roll out our first volume in Spring 2019. Updates to this site and journal will continue.

Published: 03-31-2019