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The Journal of STEM Outreach was created to offer a journal for researchers who develop and implement programs that connect formal and informal educators with practicing STEM professionalsThe JSO offers a mechanism to disseminate descriptions of programs that might be of value to other researchers; research studies that support the replication of education or partnership models; and case studies that exemplify a specific replicable aspect of a program. The primary goal is to provide a journal that will function as a hybrid or bridge between the STEM and education worlds. 

Megan Macklin, Patrick Jagoda, Ian Bryce Jones, Melissa Gilliam
Ann Chester, Ph.D., Sara Hanks, MPH, Summer Kuhn, MPH, Floyd Jones, Ph.D., Travis White, PharmD, Misty Harris, MPH, Bethany Hornbeck, Sherron McKendall, MS, Mary McMillion, MS, Cathy Morton, Ed.D., Mallory Slusser, MA, R. Kyle Saunders, MA
Diley Hernandez, Marion Usselman, Shaheen Rana, Meltem Alemdar, Analia Rao
Charles Wood, Debbie Tyrrell, Manetta Calinger, Jackie Shia, Lori Kudlak, Laura Ondeck
William H Roden, Rebecca Howsmon, Rebecca A Carter, Mark Ruffo, Amanda L Jones