Julie R Bokor Kent J Crippen Mary Jo Koroly

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This multiple case study analysis investigates the perceptions of four science teachers who are repeat attendees at professional development programs coordinated by a university center. Adult learning theory provided a lens to view the motivated participants of the study and each of the five assumptions were present. Findings revealed three themes: (1) these science teachers perceive dual identities as both an educator and a scientist: as a professional educator they are focused on developing new lessons to bring relevant and engaging materials to their students while at the same time they place ultimate importance on the accuracy and validity of the content delivered; (2) relationships built during an immersive content program allow the development of trust between these science teachers and University program coordinators, which facilitates continued participation; and (3) as professionals dedicated to their craft, these science teachers pursue content-rich professional development opportunities for their personal and professional enrichment despite contextual constraints. Repeat attendance supports teacher professional and personal development.

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